I like to think that if Escoffier followed a modern food blog, this would be one of them.

My Story

I started this blog for myself. To organize my recipes for use in my own kitchen. I'm a passionate home cook and entertainer. I am often asked for my recipes. Here they are. I'm happy to share.


My recipes are simple in presentation and description, because when my hands are in a dough or whisking a custard on the stove, I like to glance over at the ingredients and basic, sequential instructions quickly and see the whole picture.

Speaking of Pictures

 I don't post a lot of them. I don't need them to follow my own recipes. But since I'm sharing these with you and it might help you follow, I'll work on my food photography and videography. If you have ideas, please contact me

Single Gesture

I'm an efficient cook with no one style or conceit. I believe in quality, real ingredients, traditional cooking methods, delicious, satisfying, healthy food and the power of a single gesture to transform a dish.